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 The Najmah Hijab (TM)  

Lookout Amirah..Wearing a Hijab has never been so easy..

Place the Najmah Hijab on your head.

Wrap the Najmah Hijab once around your head to the left or right

Bring the wrap around once more to cover the side of the neck

Place (1) pin to secure the Najmah Hijab in place

The Najmah Hijab (tm) is the perfect hijab for our sisters.  Unlike the Amirah your don't sacrifice style and fashion when you wear the Najmah Hijab. 

It is a once piece oblong scarf that has an attached underscarf.  It is easy to wear and fits comfortably on your head and will not fall off , back or shift inshaa Allah.   Unlike a normal scarf you don't need tons of pins to hold the Najmah Hijab in place either.  Just one Pin that's it!  Wearing a hijab has never so easy.  Look out Amirah..the Najmah Hijab has just arrived!


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