What Does The Word Hijab Means?

It's literally meaning,  is defined as: "Veil, cover, conceal, screen or separation."  
Therefore the outward expression of the word can come in the form of many examples concerning Muslim Women Clothing (depending on a Muslim woman's belief or understanding of the word).   In the Quran Allah (Azza wa Jal) says: "surat Al-Ahzab, (verse 59), what can be translated as, "O Prophet! Tell your wives and your daughters and the woman of the believers to draw their Jalalib all over their bodies. That will be better. That they should be known so not to be annoyed.  And Allah is ever oft-forgiving, most merciful."

Today there you will find many examples of Muslim Women wearing various styles of Islamic clothes.  Below are a few pictures of what many Muslims in the West particularly in USA, Canada.  You will also find these style worn in the UK, France, Germany and even Middle-Eastern countries like Egypt and Jordan.  Much of this modesty clothing can be defined as  Hijabs, Jilbabs or Abayas (shown in the pictures below):

Without a doubt today's Muslim Clothing has many forms of expression, not just in looks per se but also in colors.  More traditional Muslim women like to wear Black Islamic clothing like the one featured in the picture above to the right.  Other Muslim women express themselves wearing casual abayas in colors like pink, green, gray, baby blue, purple, even lime green.  

A Muslim women should always try to dress modestly. Hijab is also worn even when Muslim women go swimming.  There are several style of Islamic swimsuits or swimwear.   With Islamic swimsuit most of the body is covered leaving exposed only the face, hands and feet.   These swimsuits are usually made from lycra material that is loose fitting and yet at the same time fashionable.   The Islamic Swimwear feature on this website also can be use as workout or exercise wear as well.   We try to offer a balance of fashion, style and comfort at the same time.   You will also find this type of swimwear label as burkini.



As you can see Islamic clothes come in various styles and colors. One of the most important things concerning Islamic Clothes is that it should always be modest.  It doesn't have to be expensive, in fact you will find many  hijabs, scarves, or veils are made with high quality, but yet still cheap and affordable.   Many Egyptian Muslim women, will say that "she is veiled or wears a veil" when in fact they are actually means she wears hijab.   When they say a women is veiled they mean she dresses modestly which includes wearing a head scarf, and wearing loose fitting clothing that covers or conceals the shape of her body.  Technically the common term veil or veiled would imply "one who covers her face" and Islamically that would mean she wears a face covering called a "niqab" pictured below.





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